XIII National Congress of Technology Applied to Health Sciences
III International Congress of Health Sciences








Abstract Submission

Notifications about the jobs have been sent today, we are having problems with Gmail and Hotmail emails, they are returning them so they will be sent through another email account and we ask you to confirm receipt.

The National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics, the National Autonomous University of Mexico through the FM and ICAT, the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, the Iberoamerican University Puebla, UPAEP and CIMAT Campus Monterrey invite: researchers, professionals, and students involved and interested in Applied Technology in Health Areas, to PRESENT RESEARCH PAPERS IN POSTER FORM UNDER THE FOLLOWING RULES:

  1. The topics to be discussed will be new diagnostic and treatment techniques applied to health sciences.
  2. Only abstracts of papers submitted through the link at the bottom of this page will be accepted for review.
  3. The abstract will have up to 300 words, without graphs, photographs, or charts.
  4. The deadline for receipt of abstracts will be March 31th, 2023 April 14th, 2023.
  5. The Notification of acceptance will be sent from april 16th at 28th, 2023
  6. Once the acceptance letter is received, the author(s) must send a PDF and JPG copy of the poster, in addition to its video presentation in MP4 format, of a maximum of 5 minutes and a maximum weight of 300 MB, may use the material they consider necessary for their presentation in the video, it will be included together with the abstract, in the virtual presentation system and the reports of poster works found on the congress website. The deadline for sending PDF, JPG, and video posters are May 20th, 2023 Jun 05th, 2023.
  7. The work must be presented and defended by one of the authors during the poster sessions, who should be enrolled.
  8. The papers presented during the congress may be included as an article in the congress magazine; consult the Memory Section.
Requirements for the preparation of the poster
    • The poster must include a TITLE that stands out, the complete NAME of the authors, and the institution to which they belong. The Body of the poster must contain a SUMMARY, INTRODUCTION, OBJECTIVES, METHODOLOGY, RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS, AND REFERENCES.
  1. The papers accepted, presented, and defended will receive a single participation diploma with the paper's name and authors. The diploma data is obtained from the registry, so it is crucial to check that the information is correct before sending it.
  2. Research papers will be received in three General categories: Baccalaureate, Bachelor, and Postgraduate.
  3. Even though the poster sessions aim to disseminate the different research works, the best poster(s) in the three categories, which have been DEFENDED by students, will be selected for a special mention.
  4. The jury will consist of prominent researchers from the convening institutions and the present speakers.
  5. The best poster(s) will be announced during the closing ceremony.
  6. The Organizing Committee will resolve cases not provided for in this call, and its ruling is final.

For any matter related to the posters, please contact tecnologia_salud@inaoep.mx.


SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS IS CLOSED. For any related matter, please contact the email tecnologia_salud@inaoep.mx


Last Update: May 04, 2023