Mexico, December 6-9/2004

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Quantum Optics I was held in Santiago de Chile, in the year 2000. It was thought as the start of a series of conferences through Latin America that would have a good component of 'local' researchers working in the area. Quantum Optics II will provide a forum to discuss many developments in laser physics and quantum optics, such as quantum optical realizations of quantum information processing, trapped ions, atom optics, quantum computing, and quantum state reconstruction among others.



Organizing Committee:

Héctor Moya-Cessa (Puebla)
Andrei B. Klimov (Guadalajara)
Rocío Jáuregui (Mexico City)


Scientific committee:

G. Björk, V. Bužek, G.M. D'Ariano, L. Davidovich, A. Guzmán, P.L. Knight, M. Orszag,

J.P. Paz, L.L. Sánchez-Soto, W.P. Schleich, T.H. Seligman, E. Solano

Invited speakers:



G. Björk (Stockholm)

V. Bužek (Bratislava)

G.M. D'Ariano (Pavia)

                                                           F. De Martini  (Roma)

L. Davidovich (Rio de Janeiro)

J.H. Eberly (Rochester)

A. Gatti (Como)

A. Guzmán (Bogotá)

G. Leuchs (Erlangen)

P. Meystre (Tucson)

M. Orszag (Santiago)

J.P. Paz (Buenos Aires, Los Alamos)

M. Raymer (Oregon)

L.L. Sánchez-Soto (Madrid)

M.O. Scully (Texas A&M)

T.H. Seligman (Cuernavaca)

C. R. Stroud, Jr. (Rochester)

J.W. Tabosa (Recife)

A. Vidiella-Barranco (Campinas)

W. Vogel (Rostock)






PRESENTATIONS Available for download